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Harbour Taxsea
Our Business
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Harbour Taxsea is a charter service for the public to explore the history and beauty of Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. From deep sea fishing or whale watching to enjoying the sun set in the basin; your choices are endless for a small fee of $60.00 an hour; seating up to 6 people. Prices can be negotiable.

Harbour Tours
Come on a Harbour tour with narrated history of surrounding land marks and the Islands such as McNabs.


Eastern Passage
Visit a friendly fishing village in Eastern Passage complete with craft shops, seafood restaurants, retail fish outlets and picturesque boardwalk along the ocean with access to ocean activities.


Other Ideas


Enjoy privacy while entertaining your own guests aboard our boat i.e; BBQ, socializing with own food and beverages, or Bird/Whale watching
$60 an hour

Harbour Taxsea * Halifax* Nova Scotia * Canada