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Harbour Taxsea
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Welcome to our water World; where the possiblities are endless.

Located in the Halifax waterfront (Cable wharf), Nova Scotia. Harbour Taxsea can take you places and show you things, you may have never seen before.
Harbour Taxsea can  charter you to and from any point within the Hailfax Harbour, and the Bedford Basin including islands within.
The Air Show this year will be around the Harbour... Sept 11!
Come out and join the Fun!

See what you'll be missing...

Only $60 an hour, including up to 6 people.
(no...not $60 per person, $60 for 1-6 people)


Please contact Mike Wright for your reservation today.
By Phone:  (902) 830-3181
 You can e-mail Mike at:

Harbour Taxsea * Halifax* Nova Scotia * Canada